Petroleum Refinery Engineering (CEAC 577) Course Details

Course Name: Petroleum Refinery Engineering
Code: CEAC 577
Pre-requisite Course(s):
Objective: To familiarize students with petrochemical processes to describe existing and innovative emerging technologies for the production of synthesis gas, olefins, aromatics and their derivatives including industrial polyolefins and polyesters. To apply fundamental chemical engineering knowledge to industrial processes, such as steam reforming, steam cracking and catalytic reforming etc. The course makes close references to TUPRAŞ and PETKIM Petrochemicals Co. operations as well as to mega-size applications in the Middle East Region. Depending on the interests of the participants, emphasis can be shifted to either (i) detailed chemistry and technology or (ii) engineering and design (including technology assesment and economic evaluation) of petrochemical processes including downstreaming.
Content: Introduction to petroleum refining and petrochemical ındustries, steam cracking and olefins production, emerging technologies for olefin production (such as methanol to olefins (mto), partial oxidation, dehydrogenation, metathesis), catalytic reforming and aromatics (btx) production, c8 aromatics, aromatics from pyrolysis gasoline and other sources, aromatics production from lower alkanes (z-forming), steam reforming and related processes, ethylene derivatives, propylene derivatives, c4 olefins derivatives, benzene derivatives, toluene and xylene derivatives.
Term: Both
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
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