Physical Chemistry (CEAC 203) Course Details

Course Name: Physical Chemistry
Code: CEAC 203
Pre-requisite Course(s): CEAC 104
Objective: The course will provide the student with basic thermodynamic tools for dealing with some of chemical problems occurring in industry. It will also help the student to obtain a practical knowledge of classical thermodynamics specifically by including the calculation of thermophysical properties.
Content: The properties of gases, the perfect gases, the real gases, the first law, thermochemistry, state functions and exact differentials, the second law, the direction of spontaneous change, concentrating on the system, combining the first and second laws, physical transformations of pure substances, phase diagrams, phase stability and phase transitions, simple mixtures, the thermodynamic description of mixtures, the properties of solutions, activities, phase diagrams, phases, components, and degrees of freedom, two-component systems.
Term: Autumn
Theory: 3
Application: 2
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 4
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