Chemical Reaction Engineering (CEAC 304) Course Details

Course Name: Chemical Reaction Engineering
Code: CEAC 304
Pre-requisite Course(s): MATH 275, MATH 276
Objective: The main objective of this course is to improve students’ understanding of the basic reaction engineering, to educate them as to define and analyze the chemical reactions appeared in both daily life and chemical engineering by showing them that principles of chemical kinetics are also applicable to living systems as well as to the production of chemicals. By this course, they will be able to define and solve the reaction engineering problems.
Content: Conversion and reactor sizing, rate laws and stoichiometry, isothermal reactor design, collection and analysis of rate data, catalysis and catalytic reactors, nonisothermal reactor design, multiple reactions, multiphase reactors, distributions of residence times for chemical reactors, analysis of nonideal reactors.
Term: Spring
Theory: 3
Application: 2
Laboratory: 2
Credit: 4
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