Chemical Engineering Laboratory I (CEAC 401) Course Details

Course Name: Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
Code: CEAC 401
Pre-requisite Course(s): CEAC 302 or CEAC 304
Objective: To give the opportunity to make practices on the general concepts of the Chemical Engineering and to discuss the physical reality versus theoretical expectations.
Content: •Investigate the characteristic of the liquid flow in the pipe and calculate the range for the laminar and turbulent flow •Serial and parallel connections in centrifugal pumps; efficiency, specific speed, and pump performance calculations •Investigate the variations in fluid pressure in the straight pipes, pipe bends, fittings, orifice and venture meters •Investigate the head loss due to the friction in the flow of water through a pipe and determine the associated friction factor. •Investigate steady state and unsteady state heat conduction process •Measure thermal conductivity of liquid and gases •Calculation of capacity and total heat transfer coefficient on different type of heat exchangers •Understand the basic mechanism of heat transfer due to thermal radiation •Calculation of heat loss during drying
Term: Autumn
Theory: 0
Application: 0
Laboratory: 4
Credit: 2
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