Polymer Science and Technology (CEAC 423) Course Details

Course Name: Polymer Science and Technology
Code: CEAC 423
Pre-requisite Course(s): CEAC 104
Objective: The main purpose of the course is to provide polymer fundamentals; historical development, basic definitions and concepts, classification of polymers and application. Major topics include polymer synthesis and nomenclature; molecular weight and molecular weight distribution; reactions of polymers; morphology; stereoregular polymers; polymer blends; step-growth, chain-growth, and ring-opening polymerization, polymer industry. This course also aims to emphasize the structure-property relationships.
Content: Historical development, basic concepts and definitions, classifications of polymers, polymerization mechanisms, chain-reaction polymerization, ionic and coordination polymerizations, step-growth polymerizations, ring-opening polymerization, chemical bonding and polymer structure, morphology, crystallinity, glass transition temperature, polymer modification, copolymerization, postpolymerization reactions, functional polymers, additives and reinforcements, solution polymerization, suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization, interfacial polymerization, precipitation polymerization, polymer properties and applications.
Term: Autumn
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
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