Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies and Design (CEAC 556) Course Details

Course Name: Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies and Design
Code: CEAC 556
Pre-requisite Course(s):
Objective: The overall purpose of the course is to: • give basic information about nanomaterials, nanosciece and nanotechnology • provide a good introduction to classification systems, basic fundamentals, synthesis, characterization methods, and properties of nanomaterials as a result of reduction in dimensionality • highlight the major applications of nanomaterials in technology and science
Content: Within this context, a primary goal of this course is to provide information for better understanding how to use nanomaterials and nanotechnologies effectively. The course starts with definitions, nontechnical overviews of the general characteristics of nanomaterials and provides examples of ways in which nanomaterials can be found in both nature and in an historical context. Then, processes for synthesizing and characterizing nanomaterials are described and size effects and other defining characteristics of nanomaterials are explored. The lecture then turns to design or application-oriented considerations. These sections broadly explore a range of nanomaterial and nanotechnology applications from specific product or industry perspectives—nanotextiles, nanopaints, nanosealants, nanotechnologies for self- cleaning, antimicrobial or self-healing, and others.
Term: Spring
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
ECTS Course File: Course File
Course File: Course File
ECTS: 7.5