Pharmacology and Toxicology (CEAC 417) Course Details

Course Name: Pharmacology and Toxicology
Code: CEAC 417
Pre-requisite Course(s):
Objective: The main aim of the course is to raise awareness about the environmental risks and consequences of natural or synthetic chemicals used for commercial purposes, whether informed or unconscious. It also presents the basic concepts of basic pharmacology and toxicology, the mechanisms and the behavior of toxic substances in the body.
Content: The history of toxicology and pharmacology, basics of toxicology, dose-response relationship, dose and route of intake of toxic materials, factors that affect toxic response: tendency, metabolism, metabolism for toxic response, biological and chemical factors that affect structure, determination of the examples of toxic effects caused by certain chemicals, discussion of the current position of chemicals used.
Term: Elective
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
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