About Department

     Chemistry is the fundamental science that has an active role in all branches of life, gathers computational and technological research activities and also it is milestone of knowledge-based economy. The main objective of the Chemistry Department is to train students as a scientist capable of conducting research to solve problems in fundamental and applied chemistry and equipping students with the practical skills for the development of common procedure and techniques.

     On the other hand, the aim of the chemical engineering is to upgrade the manufacturing process which chemical and physical changes occur. These processes are composed of various compatible chemical and physical operations. The mission of a chemical engineer is to design the processes, perform discrete and continuous experiments, apply to the industry and control the outcomes.

     Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry is such a multi-discipline programme that it is related with wide variety of field such as energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology, food processing, textile, plastic, paint, cosmetic, environmental technology and advanced materials technology with biologist, chemist and chemical engineers. From this point of view, since it is rare among the global universities and the only in Turkey, priority target is to achieve the excellence and increase competition and performance by scientific and R&D studies.

     As Atılım University believes that colloboration exists in every field naturally, this department can also work with particularly material, manufacturing, industrial, electrical and electronics, energy, mechanical, automotive, civil and mechatronics engineering.  

     The language of teaching in the Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Department is in English and total number of credits required for the undergraduate chemical engineering degree is 153. Moreover, students are required to participate in 20 weekdays summer internship experiment at the end of the second and third years. The students need to get positive confirmation from the organization s/he works and the internship report submitted to the department at the end of the internship period. Internship is accepted one of the most important element in engineering education.

     As in other engineering programmes in our university, in order to be beneficial for both students and organizations, internships are prepared in advanced. Engineering Faculty of Atılım University has close relations with the Union of Chambers, OSTİM and Sincan Organized Industrial Zone. These organizations give support to our department’s students for internship programme.

     Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry students take 8 laboratory courses during practical applications which are;

  • General Chemistry I and II Laboratory
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Polymer and Nanocomposites Laboratory
  • Chemical Engineering Laboratory I and II

     Research laboratories in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Department are;

  • ATOMSEL (Atilim Optoelectronic Materials and Solar Energy Laboratory)
  • Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory
  • Electrochemical and Spectroscopi Laboratory
  • Biochemistry and Bioinorganic Laboratory

     In the research laboratories, scientific researches are conducted in the field of advanced materials technology and biochemistry technology. One of the main purposes of the department is to provide students to be part of the scientific activities and they are supported by their supervisors so that they fulfill the needs for R&D laboratories and technology production organizations.