In the framework of Social Security and General Health Insurance Law, it is necessary for our university to provide the students who are going to have their summer practice with the insurance of occupational accidents and professional diseases. 

General Health Insurance is also provided by our university for the students who do not have any health insurance via their parents.


The steps students should follow in order to apply internship,

1.   Fill out  the "Training Application Form" at least 10 days before initiating the internship .

2.   With the information in this form, a printer-friendly “Trainee Information Document’’ will be automatically created and sent to your e-mail address that you will specify on the form. Please sign a printed copy of the  form you receive by  the e-mail and  submit it to the internship  coordinator with other required documents.

The documents you are required to submit are;

• 1 Trainee Information document signed by the applicant

• 1 passport-size photo

• 1 photocopy of ID card

• a signed document, which you will receive from the institution where you will serve your intership, indicating  the start and the end dates and if it is the case to work at public holidays and weekends or not.

3 .  1-5 days before your internship starts, go to the Personnel Department that is located on the entrance floor of the building of Board of Trustees and submit the “statement of employment”  which will be provided to you there to the institution of your internship.